Your business model should be a tree!

May 31, 2022

This piece of artwork hung behind my desk for years and every time the opportunity arose, I’d explain why;

There are two very important parts of any remodeling company – operations and sales. Every organization struggles with this balance. The root structure represents your ability to build projects. The limbs and leaves represent sales.

One time I was discussing a very large tree with an Arborist. We needed to get very close to the tree with a wall and didn’t want to kill the tree. What he shared really surprised me. He explained that the roots extend out as far as the farthest leaf! If the limbs and leaves outgrow the ability of the tree to create the proper root system, (sales outgrowing operations), the first big storm will destroy the tree. If leaves don’t get enough sun and can’t send nutrients to the roots of the tree, (not enough sales), then no matter how large the root system is, the tree will not grow properly and will not be healthy.

A tree is the perfect picture of balance, and should be what we constantly aspire to create as a business.

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