Remodeling is an artistic process!

Jun 7, 2024

I remember seeing a news report where they interviewed a man that thought the plumbing behind the wall was so beautiful that he installed plexiglass instead of drywall in certain parts of his home! This may have been taking artistry in the remodeling field to an extreme, but every part of the remodeling process is very artistic – whether you can see it or not!

This topic is really only an excuse for me to share some of my own artistry, but no, it’s not tile work, drywall or plumbing – which I love – but it’s some of my woodcarving. So please excuse the blatant, completely self-serving show, but I don’t put anything of this nature out there on FB, or Instagram, and this is my only real outlet so I hope you enjoy!

Here’s my squirrel carving from 7th grade. It’s cherry wood and has a little wear & tear.

I carved this out of a block of walnut in 11th grade.

My aunt called me and said she had a dead tree in her front yard, and could I come and carve something out of it?

I eagerly took my chain saw over and asked what she wanted me to carve, and she said anything you want! Since all I really had to look at while I was carving was my hand… here’s what she got!

Later that year she sent me this picture when the flower popped up.

I taught a woodworking class for a while and one project everyone really liked was cutting boards. Here are a few I’ve done for family members.

This is absolutely one of my favorites. It’s pretty large and I’d like to make a form and pour a bunch of aluminum castings – but haven’t found the right foundry yet.

This isn’t a wood carving, but I’m quite proud of it. My Aunt, (the same Aunt), asked me to make a memorial bench for her son/my cousin who had passed. We used rocks from the farm and this resides where a headstone would normally set.

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