How to hire a good contractor??

Jul 2, 2022

How do I find a good contractor?

You don’t want someone to take advantage of you, you don’t want your project to go on forever, you want the work to be done properly, you don’t want people in your home that make you uncomfortable, you don’t want the contractor to disappear when the job’s half completed… so, where do you start? Here’s the top 5 issues that need to be addressed before you hire a contractor;

1. How do I know my contractor has the ability to complete a job to my specifications – and – that it will be beautiful when completed?

· Pictures of completed jobs are helpful – but sometimes pictures can be deceiving. Go see an actual job completed by the contractor you are considering. If a company can’t give you dozens of referrals – for jobs just like yours – then they’re not experts in the specific area where you need expertise.

2. How do I know that my contractor will show up every day until the job is completed?

· We’ve all heard the stories where the contractor didn’t show up one day and won’t come back to complete the job. There are many reasons this could happen, but the bottom line is; contractors must have a layer of employee back-up within their organization that will allow the job to continue as scheduled – and – have the necessary cash flow in order to prevent job-jumping – when a contractor has to move from job to job in order to collect more customer payments due to cash-flow constraints. (This is the main reason contractors “disappear”).

3. How do I know I can trust my contractor?

· There’s nothing more important than trust. One thing that a company has no control over is a customer review. Look up the company’s Google reviews and see what customers have to say. Look up the Better Business Bureau report and do the same. The most important part of reviewing-the-reviews, is seeing how a company handles an unhappy customer. If a company becomes offended and argumentative towards a customer’s review, then that’s exactly how they’ll handle any issues you might have during the project.

4. How do I know what kind of people will be in my home?

· Many, many companies have a very good process for creating a presentation and offering a proposal for your project, but are greatly lacking in the installation/operations process. Make sure your contractor does not use subcontractors – except where licensed experts are needed for pulling permits. When a company has their own employees, they have complete control over who shows up at your door. Also, companies working in construction with employees are required to provide Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Very often, using subcontractors becomes a tax and liability loophole – which ultimately becomes a liability for you as the homeowner.

5. What if my contractor takes the money and runs?

· The flow of dollars from you to the contractor has to very closely match the output of expenses for the contractor. A professional contractor will understand that their profitability depends on the efficient completion of your project – and – that there is NO profit in the project until you the homeowner, are completely satisfied and make your final payment.

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