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Home Remodeling projects can run many possible scenarios; 


Home Remodels

“Home Remodeling” is a broad canvas! From windows, doors, flooring, roofing-siding-gutter, decks and more, it’s difficult to know who to call and when. So just to simplify, I’m happy to be the person to advise you on the best path forward. I may very well just lead you in the right direction – or – we might work together for months in order to bring your project to fruition. It all depends on your own wants and needs.


The type of window may be wood, wood clad aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl, will all of them having their good and bad points. Your style of window may be single hung, double hung, casement, slider or some other configuration. There’s lots to discuss in order to come up with the best window for your home.


Much like windows, there are many options available; wood, steel or fiberglass are the main three. This is an area where you can stay very generic and cost effective, or the sky’s the limit!


This is an area where it may be imperative to use a seasoned flooring installer, or you may want one of the simple, cost effective “luxury vinyl tiles” that are available on the market today. Either way, we have to consider the subfloor, the trims that are available, and many other factors to find what’s best for you.


These three items are grouped together because they fit together so well that many construction companies handle these and nothing else. When companies specialize, they become very efficient and cost effective in their field. So, if this is only area of your home that needs attention, I’m happy to pass along the name of the company(s) I work with that specialize in this area. (Also, see transactional remodeling under the “Our Process tab”.)


Decks cost a lot of money! so have to be approached very carefully. Building codes have changed to such a degree over the past twenty years; that what was once built with 4×4’s and nails, now is built on massive piers, with giant bolts, 6×6’s, monster headers, and can withstand the weight – justifiably so – of a person standing side-by-side throughout the entire space of the deck. (Which is about like driving a car on your deck.) I’m happy to walk you through all the options and come up with a layout that works for you. 

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