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Bathroom projects can run many possible scenarios; 

Simple Bathroom Update

Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Down to the Studs or Mud Set Bathrooms

Barrier Free and Aging Friendly

Simple Bathroom Update

This may be as simple as; painting, a new toilet and  a new shower pan and wall panel system for you shower area. Sometimes you just need a “refresh”.

With a “simple bathroom update” you are leaving everything where it is, which means you’re pulling-and-replacing. This allows you to upgrade without the expense of moving walls or plumbing or electrical items. Your tub might be ok, or it might need reglazing. You might be able to install Luxury Vinyl Tile on the floor which can be very cost effective. Your toilet and sink might be pretty simple updates. Sometimes there’s a lot you can do without a complete down-to-the-studs situation.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Get that tub out of the bathroom! It’s safer, easier, and when was the last time you took a bath??

How often do you use your tub? You may just need a tub-to-shower conversion. Often, the bathroom looks pretty good except for the tub/shower area, so this makes a lot of sense.

This area takes a lot of abuse! That’s why there are umpteen companies across the United States that only work in this one area. There are a bunch of them, and they all have a different niche. Some cover over everything with a thin layer of acrylic and leave the tub where it is. Some focus on removing the tub and installing a walk-in shower. But they all stay in the ‘wet area’ and won’t replace your toilet or touch anything in the rest of the bathroom.

Down To The Studs or Mud Set Bathrooms

When an extensive remodel is required in order to create a certain design, we’ll need a designer, an architect, and a lot of imagination!

With this option, the sky’s the limit! (Both in design… and with the costs involved.)

From the early 1900’s through the 1950’s, we find something called a “mud set” bathroom. This means that your floor and your walls will have varying thicknesses of concrete, depending on the type of construction methods used. There are many ways to address this situation, but it’ll take a detailed review of your specifics to decide how to proceed.

Down to the studs;

If you have a home with a large master bath, you might want to move stuff around. You have the giant soaker tub in the corner that you’ve used 3 times in about a dozen years. They were really cool when the house was built, and the kids used it like a swimming pool a couple of times when they were young, but right now it pretty much just sits there. 

Mud set bathroom;

If you have a home that was built from the 1900’s through the 50’s, chances are you have a ‘mud set’ bathroom. In this situation, it’s really hard to do a partial remodel. I’ve done it – but it is tedious. Your floor joists were hacked in half in order to build a box under the bathroom and pour concrete. It’s even possible that some of your drainpipes are in this ‘mud set’. 

Both the above outlines will take a lot of thought and you may want to work with one of our designers. Take a look at ‘our process’ page and review the soft design and full design build categories to see where you might be the most comfortable.

Barrier Free and Aging Friendly

When needed, we can create a “barrier free” bathroom… and that’s just what it means – no barriers. Doors widened, shower curbs removed, higher toilet, roll under sinks – and the list goes on.

A shower bench and some grab bars make all the difference in the world for staying safely in your own home. Simple solutions don’t have to cost a fortune and can be customized to your specific needs.

In 2016 we started up a company called “Promise Homeworks” where we remodeled homes for the handicapped and the elderly. A great deal of these projects were funded through the state of Missouri and the VA, so often required an “occupational therapist report”. These reports outlined the specific accessibility needs for each client. After reading hundreds of these reports, we began to see what was necessary for the safety of almost every aging adult; barrier free bathrooms, removing the tub and installing a shower, grab bars, shower benches – and the list goes on.

After hundreds of projects with one goal in mind – aging safely at home – I’m happy to be an expert in this field, and happy to help you or your family.

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