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Age Friendly Remodels

In 2016 we started up a company called “Promise Homeworks” where we remodeled homes for the handicapped and the elderly. A great deal of these projects were funded through the state of Missouri and the VA, so often required an “occupational therapist report”. These reports outlined the specific accessibility needs for each client. After reading hundreds of these reports, we began to see what was necessary for the safety of almost every aging adult; barrier free bathrooms, removing the tub and installing a shower, grab bars, shower benches – and the list goes on. After hundreds of projects with one goal in mind – aging safely at home – I’m happy to be an expert in this field, and happy to help you or your family.

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Barrier free bathrooms;

When needed, we can create a “barrier free” bathroom… and that’s just what it means – no barriers. Doors widened, shower curbs removed, higher toilet, roll under sinks – and the list goes on.  


Aging in place bathrooms;

A shower bench and some grab bars make all the difference in the world for staying safely in your own home. Simple solutions don’t have to cost a fortune and can be customized to your specific needs.

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