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About Norm

Asking someone to come into your home and discuss a project is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get!

I’ve been doing this a very long time and it’s my job to make you feel comfortable and give you expert information – not sell you something. Of course, I’d love to help you with your project, but that’s not my initial intent. First we have to see where your project fits. I work with everything from a “handyman” to a “high end remodeling company” and I never try to move you in a direction that’s not in your best interest. 

Carpentry and construction has always been easy for me. Even when I was young and in trade school, I was captain of my building trades class and moved on to work full-time for my instructor. Most of my life has been either building something or participating in the process of managing something that’s being built. I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I get to use all my knowledge and all those years of experience to help people with their projects.

I don’t charge anything to come out and take a look at your project and am only interested in seeing if we might be a good fit. Matching your project to the right builder is absolutely imperative in order to make remodeling a wonderful experience! 

Brief Recap Of My Experience...

Norm Bennett Consulting – Freelance Remodeling Consultant – June 2022 – present

  • Helping St Louis area homeowners through the sometimes confusing and difficult process of remodeling their home.

  • Offering sales and construction assistance to small to mid-sized remodeling companies in the St Louis area.

  • Customized development of sales and operations procedures for contractors.

Mosby Building Arts – Home Consultant – June 2021 to June 2022

  • Responsible for consulting directly with homeowners for every aspect of residential remodeling.

Lake Front Flips LLC – Owner – June 2020 through June 2021

  • Bought properties, remodeled, and sold – while waiting on position at Mosby.

National Seating and Mobility – General Manager – December 2019 through July 2020

  • Stayed on after NSM purchased Promise HomeWorks to assure smooth transition.

Promise HomeWorks – President – January 2016 through December 2019

  • Started up the business in my garage.

  • Hired and trained 15 great employees.

  • Built it up to 2.5 million in sales – specializing in remodeling homes for the handicapped and the elderly.

  • Responsible for marketing, lead-generation, sales, HR and operations.

  • Business sold to National Seating and Mobility.

Norm Bennett Construction LLC – Owner – 1994 through January 2016

  • 1994 – 2010; Built garages and barns, then designed/built upscale Dutch-style horse barns, then developed the business “Steel Roofs on Homes”

  • 2010 – 2016; Remodeled kitchens and baths.


I’ll be adding to this website as time permits, but please feel free to contact me directly with any questions and I’ll do my best to get back with you right away!